925 Silver: “we also need to be cared!”



Silver jewelry is rich in style, moderate in price, easy to match with clothing, and is favored by the fashion industry.
The chemistry teacher told us that silver is not active metal, but we still need to pay lots of attention to maintaining silverware.
Silver easily chemically reacts with sulfur to form silver sulfide, which causes the jewelry to turn black. If people are in some polluted environment, there will be more compounds such as acid gases, hydrogen sulfide, and nitric oxide in the air, which will also cause the silver ornaments to turn black. Even under normal circumstances, when silver jewelry is worn for about half a year, the surface will oxidize and the color will become dim. Therefore, the first point of maintaining silverware is to stay away from chemical reagents. Secondly, the hardness of 925 silver is not too high, but it is harder than silver. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid impact and friction!

How to do it?
1. Do not wear silver when swimming, soaking in hot springs or playing in the sea. Because chlorine in swimming pool water, sulfur in hot springs, and complex electrolytes in sea water can damage silver.

2, when dyed perm, must first remove the necklace, earrings, hair dye and perm lotion is very easy to make the silver color discoloration.

3, do not wear precious metal jewelry while applying skin care products, cosmetics, as well as spray perfume or hair gel. Wearing jewelry should be done after the end of the above process, because perfumes, hair gels, creams, etc. are highly volatile substances, which can easily lead to discoloration of jewelry.

4. Silver reacts with oxygen and sulfur in the air all the time to form black oxides and sulfides. When we wear it, because the jewelry is constantly rubbing against the clothes, silver oxides and sulfides cannot be deposited on the surface to make the silver ornaments black. However, when we place jewelry for a long time, silver oxides and sulfides are deposited on the surface of the silverware to make the silver ornaments black, so long-term placement is also an important reason for the blackening of silver.

5. Unfortunity, if the silverware has been darkened , you can use a silver cloth to wipe it or brush the jewelry with a toothpaste and it will be brighten again. If you are worried that you are not doing well, hand it over to the professionals in the jewelry store.

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Post time: Aug-28-2019

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