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Have you committed these fashion taboos?

The success or failure of temperament depends on the shape, and the success or failure of the shape depends on the accessories. Jewelry collocation in fashion has a supernatural ability that is self-evident, which makes the shape more complete and full, while also adding fun and personality. Even some multi-functional jewelry can also add convenience to your travel. However, when the conversation turns, all the benefits we have to talk about share a common topic-first you have to choose the right jewelry, and second you have to do the right match. In matching schools, sometimes it is inevitable to violate this or that fashion taboo, and Fashion and Fail are on the front line. Let’s take a look at the several mistakes that are easy to make when matching jewelry. Once you are familiar with these methods, you will inevitably belong to the fashionable team.


1. Exaggeration ≠ exaggeration

The four words “exaggerated jewelry” were born a few years ago along with words and styles such as “profile” and “boyfriend style”. In the increasingly minimalist fashion world, it seems that only accessories can save your clothes. The minimalist shape of the cabinet. But if you are not appearing in a show or fashion event, giant accessories sometimes make you look like you don’t know why, and mistakenly interpret “exaggeration” as “big”-wrong.

“Exaggeration” means that the shape design is unique and thoughtful, focusing on “thinking” rather than “exaggeration”. The unique and unexpected way of wearing can add a lot of attitude to the mediocre shape. However, perhaps you don’t have to decorate your body with accessories, pay attention to its sense of style and design. It can be a part of the match and at the same time a design that has applicability—correct.

2. Refuse the “sense of local tyrants”
Maybe you have had this kind of experience. When you saw fashion bloggers posted a photo full of jewelry on Instagram, you also want to try such a powerful matching method. So you almost took out all the metal jewelry to decorate on your body-mistake.

Moderate accessories are more able to reflect the skill of collocation and styling than the cumbersome combination of accessories. Especially when combining golden jewelry, pay special attention to the proportion and degree of use. If you are not confident enough in matching ability At that time, if you don’t want to show off your wealth, try to make no more than three pieces of jewelry. If you must make a combination style, it is recommended to focus on thrifty designs, supplemented by complex pendants, and try to choose clothing with a single color-correct.

Three, “mix and match” has a degree

The fashion industry always favors creative trendy people, and mashups become the most direct expression of creativity. It is a pity that many people “derail” all the way on the road of mixing and matching, mistakenly taking “chasing” as the experience of creation and inspiration. The combination without the rules will only disrupt the rhythm of the modeling-mistake.

In addition to the mixing and matching of materials, there are also extremely meticulous requirements in color. Both of them should not be excessively deviated from the color and shape of the clothing itself. Perhaps a breakthrough in style can be made, such as a strong suit and shirt cuff. Brightly colored but small and delicate exotic ethnic style braided bracelet-correct.

Four, retro or outdated


The resurgence of retro elements is not new in the fashion circle, but not all vintage styles can be called Vintage. Want to replace the classic antique Rolex with outdated metal flower bracelets? –error.

In the movie “The Great Gatsby”, the unique outfits of women in the 1920s are perfectly reproduced, especially the impressive diamond feather headdress, tassel pearl pendant, and Art Deco art deco style bracelets, etc. Retro charm of the 1920s. In Vintage, another distinctive style is “Byzantium”. The metal design inlaid with large blocks of gems, the colorful color matching of the glass windows on the domes of European churches, and the dazzling gold coin decoration are all elements used in the “Byzantine” style. As if blooming in enthusiasm and sexy, charming and mysterious style-right.

Five, change the way to wear pearls

With its natural luster and precise texture, pearls have become an elegant style by themselves. Do not pursue exaggeration, use simple design, or vintage style, so that fashion lovers can satisfy the dream of being a girl with pearls. So, just buy a few basic models and wear them without going wrong? –error.

The seemingly simple and classic material like pearl is actually really dangerous! The simpler the material, the more difficult it is to control. If you want to choose a pearl that is suitable for daily wear and can be distinguished from traditional fashionable shapes, you only need to remember two points, either simple and elegant, or modern design. Mastering these two points, as long as they are properly matched, one can inevitably create avant-garde fashion without losing elegance-correct.

Six, accessories also pick the figure

Accessories also pick a figure? of course! Choosing the right accessories is sometimes more important than wearing the right clothes-for people who are not perfect enough, you may really need accessories to help you look more beautiful. If a person with a short stature is paired with large jewelry, the vision will fall even more, making the whole person appear heavy and lackluster-wrong.

It is recommended that if you are thin or fat, choose delicate long or brightly colored jewelry to divert your eyes, or choose to match the ears, pull out the neck, and expose the beautiful clavicle and neck to help improve your figure. Proportion-correct.


Post time: Nov-07-2020

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