Alrosa will sell a 14.83ct oval diamond drill in November

Alrosa recently announced that it will publicly sell an elliptical pink diamond weighing 14.83ct called “The Spirit of the Rose” in November, with an estimated value of $60-65 million. This diamond is expected to be one of Alrosa’s highest-priced diamonds, and the specific sale will be announced next month.

Approved by GIA, this 14.83ct pink diamond achieves Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink color grade with excellent clarity, excellent finish and symmetry of Very Good. The pink diamond named “The Spirit of the Rose” originated from the Russian ballet Le Specter de la rose, which premiered in 1911.

The pink diamond was cut from a 27.85ct rough stone Nijinsky, which was mined in Ebelyakh alluvial deposit in Sakha Republic, Russia in 2017, and then sent to Moscow for a 14.83ct oval drill, which took up to a year.

The Spirit of the Rose is by far the largest pink diamond produced in Russia, after the country’s largest pink diamond was found to be 3.86ct. Considering that Rio Tinto has decided to close the Argyle diamond mine in the world’s largest pink diamond mining area, this will be a good time to sell this 14.83ct pink diamond.

At present, the highest auction record for pink diamonds is maintained by CTF Pink, which was sold in 2017. The oval powder drill weighs 59.6ct and the commission price is 553 million Hong Kong dollars, which is about 71.2 million US dollars. The buyer is Hong Kong Jewelry. Chow Tai Fook.

Post time: Aug-27-2019

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