Chen Qiliang: World Skills Championship wins silver medal and creates history


From August 19 to 27, Chen Qiliang, a 22-year-old master of the Lunjiao jeweler, represented China to Russia and stood out among the 1355 players in 69 countries (regions), winning the second place of the 45th World Skills Competition.He has set a new record for Chinese players to participate in the World Skills Competition jewelry processing project over the years .(As early as 2012, Foshan Xie Haibo appeared on this stage – CNC milling in the 42nd World Professional Skills Competition, he won the bronze medal. )It meas that a new breakthrough Foshan Vocational Teaching World Championship was also achieved.

It is understood that the World Skills Competition is known as the “Olympic” of the skill industry. It is held every two years and is the largest, highest level and most influential comprehensive vocational skill competition in the world.

Chen Qiliang is the only Chinese player in this game. It is not easy to win the “admission ticket” for this world competition. The reporter learned from previous interviews that in June last year, the 45th World Skills Competition Jewelry Processing Project Competition was held in Shanghai. Chen Qiliang advanced to the national competition training list with the first place. In April this year, the “5 in 1″ final of the 45th World Skills Competition Jewelry Processing Project National Competition was held in Beijing, Chen Qiliang won the qualification to participate in the World Skills Competition with the first place in whole country, and became the only “seed player” representing China in the jewelry project. Chen Qiliang went all the way from the city competition, the provincial competition, the national trials, to the national training team knockout match, with the first place in the first place on August 23, on the big stage of the World Skills Competition finals and the global “workman craftsman” “A total of 22 hours of competition on the same stage for four days.” Live up to the expectations, successfully won the silver medal, wearing the flag on the stage to receive the award, create history, glory for the country!

What is the “artisan spirit”? It is to do the same thing for yourself, to constantly study, to constantly think, to constantly innovate and persist, to do what you want most in your heart.
Come on, every craftsman in every industry!


Post time: Sep-08-2019

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