The 3rd Bharat Diamond Week will be launched in October


Following the successful completion of the Bharat Diamond Week in April and October 2018, the Bharat Diamond Exchange (BDB) will welcome the 3rd Bharat Diamond Week on October 14-16.

Last week, Mr. Anoop Mehta, President of Bharat Diamond Exchange, and Mr. Mehul Shah, Vice President, visited the Shanghai Diamond Exchange and held a promotion meeting to brief SDE members on the details and preferential conditions of the third Bharat Diamond Week . Then they met with President Lin Qiang.

China and India are the two largest emerging economies in the world, and the combined GDP of the two countries accounts for more than half of all Asia. At a time when the global diamond industry faces many challenges, it is an important opportunity for the China-India diamond industry and the two major diamond exchanges to cooperate closely.

As the main guest who was invited to participate and cut the ribbon in the Bharat Diamond Week , Mr. Lin Qiang, President of Shanghai Diamond Exchange, said that he will lead the Shanghai Diamond Exchange member delegation to visit the Bharat Diamond Exchange . To start trade negotiations and cooperation, to create more business opportunities for both members.


Post time: Aug-22-2019

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